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About TNI

Capital Health is making a significant investment in the city it has called home for more than 125 years. Launched in 2021, Capital Health’s Trenton Neighborhood Initiative (TNI) seeks to make a meaningful impact in the neighborhoods surrounding our flagship hospital, Capital Health Regional Medical Center, and in the entire Trenton community. This initiative recognizes that our responsibility to the communities we serve extends well beyond the walls of our hospitals and medical offices.

As a major employer, healthcare provider, and driver of the regional economy, Capital Health is committed to leveraging its role as an anchor institution to advance neighborhood revitalization and support residents in realizing their vision for a healthier, more equitable Trenton. In addition to providing $1 million in seed funding for TNI, Capital Health is committed to raising significant contributions from valued corporate partners, friends, and neighbors for the current $10 million commitment.

The TNI Area

TNI’s neighborhood-based programs are focused in the area of North Trenton, roughly bounded by Calhoun Street to the west, Pennington Avenue/the Battle Monument to the south, Route 1 to the east, and Capital Health Regional Medical Center/Capital City Sports Complex to the north. Beyond this TNI area, we support several citywide programs and policy change efforts.


Why TNI, Why now?

TNI builds upon previous community development initiatives, including the BUILD Health Challenge focused on Brunswick Avenue led by Trenton Health Team from 2017-2019, and the development of the North Trenton/Battle Monument Neighborhood Transformation Plan through the Choice Neighborhoods program led by the Trenton Housing Authority beginning in 2019. TNI intentionally aligns with strategies identified by these foundational initiatives and seeks to evolve and sustain them to enact real change for Trentonians. 

TNI also acknowledges and draws from the many plans and needs assessments that have been developed for Trenton over many years, all of which point to similar needs and priorities across the city and over time. This consistency reflects the challenges that Trenton residents face every day. We know that 80% of our health is determined by societal factors, yet those factors present roadblocks for Trentonians again and again. 

 TNI seeks to change this.

Partners & Supporters

Capital Health

Capital Health

Capital Health is the region’s health care leader and includes two hospitals (Capital Health Regional Medical Center in Trenton and Capital Health Medical Center – Hopewell), an emergency department and other programs at Capital Health – East Trenton, an outpatient facility in Hamilton, NJ, and various primary and specialty care practices across the region. Capital Health serves as a Level II regional trauma center, comprehensive stroke center, regional perinatal center (including a Level III NICU), and emergency mental health screening center.

Visit capitalhealth.org

Trenton Health Team

Trenton Health Team

THT is the implementation lead for TNI, is one of four state-designated Regional Health Hubs in New Jersey, responsible for addressing health and well-being in the Trenton area. THT has led several multi-year initiatives to improve community health in Trenton, and received national recognition for its innovative, collaborative, and data-driven approach.

Visit trentonhealthteam.org

Our Partners

We are working closely with the City of Trenton, the Trenton Housing Authority, Isles, Trenton Public Schools, and many other local organizations focused on housing, economic development, education, maternal/fetal health, and social services in the Trenton region.


Our Supporters

TNI is generously supported by Allied Universal, Bank of America, the Bristol Myers Squibb Foundation, Investors Bank, Janssen/Johnson & Johnson, Labcorp, Citizens Bank Philanthropic Foundation, the George H. Sands and Estelle M. Sands Foundation, Sodexo, the Wawa Foundation and many other corporate and private foundation partners.

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